BEE – BEE Certification and Verification

If your annual turnover is below R 10 million you qualify as an Exempt Micro Enterprise: You will therefore either get a Level 1, 2 or level 4 rating (100% black owned businesses get Level 1 – the best BEE level. White owned businesses get a level 4. Between 51% and 99% Black Owned will get a level 2). Levels 1, 2 and 4 fall in the top 50% of all BEE levels and are excellent BEE scores and excellent levels!

An Exempted Micro Enterprise is only required to obtain a sworn affidavit on an annual basis confirming annual turnover and level of black ownership.

BEE Certification

At Victorious Chartered Accountants you will find all the relevant information on getting a Bee Certificates. We have been offering this service to clients countrywide for a while now and we have had great feedback regarding our speedy service. Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME’s) are classified in the New Codes as entities and the Generic threshold is now R50 million and above

  • Obtain a certificate from R650
  • Obtain QSE Verification from R3 400
  • Obtain Generic Verification from R9 400

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BEE certification & verification

BEE Verification

Our Accredited Verification Agencies offer speedy professional services at your convenience.

Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME’s) are classified in the New Codes as entities with an annual turnover of up to R10 million. An Exempted Micro Enterprise is deemed to have a B-BBEE status of level four contributor having a B-BBEE recognition level of 100%. Enhanced B-BBEE recognition for exempted micro enterprises applies based on the company’s level of black ownership.

Enhanced B-BBEE recognition as per the Amended Codes is as follows:

–  An EME which is 100 % Black Owned qualifies for elevation to a B-BBEE
Status level 1 having B-BBEE Procurement recognition of 135%
–  EME which is at least 51% Black Owned qualifies for elevation to a B-BBEE
Status level 2 having B-BBEE Procurement recognition of 125%.

Exempted micro enterprises are also automatically “empowering suppliers”. This is a new concept introduced as per the amended codes of good practice with the intention to encourage amongst other things local production/beneficiation. Measured entities will not be able to claim B-BBEE procurement spend from entities that are not “empowering suppliers”

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