Thompson Zvingwe

Thompson Zvingwe – Chief Executive Officer

Thompson has over fifteen years’ experience in a wide variety of audits which include commercial banks and discount houses, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, parastatals (municipal and public entities), construction, petroleum, automotive, broadcasting, entertainment and publishing. Thompson’s work experience covers engagements executed in Southern African countries which include Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.

Evelyn Chivhinge

Evelyn Chivhinge – Director, Business Services and Advisory

Evelyn has extensive audit experience and mostly specializes in mining, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, property development, quasi-governmental organizations, political parties, banking, schools and tertiary education, religious and charity organizations, finance and insurance, hotel and tourism.

Irene Mudimu

Irene Mudimu – Director, Audit and Assurance

Irene has over 10 years’ audit experience and has extensive experience in various industries. The key sectors of her diverse portfolio include construction, consulting and advisory services, property management, investment companies, manufacturing, public sector, schools and NPO’s.